5 mei 2022

Early morning surgery

For a long time we did surgery for children 12 months and up. We had them come in the morning and we would begin with the surgery program after clinic at around noon.

Lot of the young children cried their eyes out because they were not allowed to eat or drink. Not able to explain it to them makes it worse.

So I talked to some women of our team. What if we would do surgery for the little ones befòre clinic? We all have to get to work earlier but we all decided it will be worth it.

We have the kids come the afternoon before surgery day. They can eat and drink and sleep at the hospital.  Early morning we will wake them up and do the surgical procedure. We planned 4 surgeries and then began with the clinic at 8 a.m.

Last week we started this new aproach. The mothers congratulated us. It really is a good change as well for the kids as for the parents.

These 2 and 10 year old boys were relaxed before and after their operation.