30 juni 2022

Sick 12 days old babygirl

 Yesterday morning a young mom came in with this babygirl. Dehydrated, malnourished and with a fever.

Wow we were astonished. She was so sick and mom didn't even notice it. I started with oral rehydration fluid through a little syringe. She drank it very well. Then we had mom pump milk out of her breast. She had good breastmilk but a family member said it was bad milk. Terrible to say because mom believes it and the results are devastating. 

Fever went down. But during the day I saw this babygirl getting worse.  I talked to the parents and family, gave them money to go the the big hospital in La Pointe (very expensive but good medical care) and by motorcycle they rushed to the hospital. 

Waiting for news. A day later she was on an i.v. and still alive